On the day I was born we had an unexpected spring blizzard. There were 2,900,000 U.S. soldiers in Korea, and a deadly earthquake shook a still unstable Germany. While "The King and I" opened on Broadway, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of spying. And, so to this day, the weather and world events are still unpredictable.

My passion growing up was reading. I immersed myself for hours in Nancy Drew or Cherry Aims stories. When I couldn’t get to the library, I grabbed the next volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica from our book shelf. Most families had a set back then. The exotic places and new cultures I read about drew me like a moth to the dangling bulb outside my bedroom window. I think I eventually got to Volume Q.


After graduating from high school in Akron, Ohio, I moved south, all of 60 miles. I became a registered nurse, married, and raised four children from three continents - my own United Nations. During this time I wrote short stories for my flock, plays for my church, and grants for my job.  My adventures took me to the rain forest of Brazil and the desert of Egypt.


Without dreams, one is dead. Since I am very much alive, my dream is to share my love of reading with others. I remember my first day of writing. I sat at the keyboard and wondered how one “began” a novel. Five years later I thought I had it figured out, but to this day that manuscript remains hidden in a blue thumb drive tucked safely in my underpants drawer.  


The world might be the same, but life has changed for me. I have moved another 600 miles south, to the exotic Pee Dee region of South Carolina with its cotton fields, Spanish moss, and boiled peanuts. Six grandchildren keep me humble; but I still crave the path seldom taken, and hope this is reflected in my writing.

Just as God guides my life, He will mold my writing until it is what He wants it to be.  My current projecct is creating a story from the journal entries one of my uncles made as a youth growing up during World War II. Stay tuned!