Being thankful for the small miracles

Jack the cat is in the dog house. Jack thinks he’s human and sleeps in the bed between the pillows.

At 5:30 a.m. I was awakened by cat-head butting. I ignored him. It was too early. Then came the paws on my face. I flipped over and shoved my face I into my pillow. Undeterred, he smacked the top of my head, over and over until I relented and got up.

I gave him his food and figured I would go back to bed. The sun wasn’t even up yet, and I sure didn’t want to be. I stopped at the bathroom and by the time I reached my bed, there sat Jack in the middle of my pillow licking his paws.

the cat.png

I shoved him off, but he came back, again and again, until I finally got up to stay. I wandered to the kitchen and made coffee, then looked around for Jack. Maybe we could have some petting and bonding time. I had met his need after all. Found him – asleep on the chair.

This made me think of my relationship to God. How many times have I prayed, God had granted, and then I went on my way, ignoring the One who provided. In public health I always said prevention was hard to prove. How could I prove it was God who gave me the safe trip I asked for, or who provided safety for my dad through his surgery?

So I pray, and then when the miracle is granted, I blow it off. I literally go to sleep in the chair and let God hanging, wishing for some bonding time with me.

Miracles are hard to prove, but if we pray, then we need to know that God intervened. I will spend more time being thankful this week. I hope you will, too.

Please remember to send me your testimonies. I want to include them in my blog this year. We serve a great God. We need to let others know what He has done for us.

Jack is out of the dog house. He’s too cute to stay mad at him, but I will probably try to slip off for a nap sometime today. Blessings to all of you (Yawn).


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