The Lord is my Shepherd?

Have you ever wondered about the 23rd Psalm, and why God would prepare a feast for us to eat in the presence of our enemies? Come on already, if the bad-guy is beating on my door, my throat is going to be so tight I won’t be able to swallow. So why bother, God?

There’s a great meaning hidden in this passage - maybe not hidden, but not obvious to me. God wants me to know that even in my darkest hour, when I believe all is lost, He is there, ready to celebrate the victory.

There are several enemies at my door right now, pounding away at the fragile infrastructure of my faith, redefining my world for me, and not in a better way. Some of you are there with me. Where is the victory when we are discouraged? Tired? Struggling with relational issues?

Where is the victory when we feel friendless, lonely, or a total failure?

God is preparing the feast for us. He will sit us at a table filled with more food than we can imagine (and I can imagine a lot) and tell us to eat. If I trust Him, He will put a hand on my throat and loosen those fearful muscles, allowing me to swallow a mouthful of His goodness.

One mouthful is all I need; faith enough to swallow just once.

Who is knocking at your door? What is threatening your peace of mind? God has already prepared the table. Let your enemies wait while you feast in prayer, praise and Bible study. God will strengthen you.

May you live in the strength of God’s love this week.


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