When God gives the unexpected

In mid March my husband and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. All married couples have stories on how they decided to wed, and here is mine. God played a major role and I have never doubted my choice.

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I was dating another fellow. No special commitment, but I figured we would get married someday. Then Paul showed up at the church I was attending while in nurses’ training in Ashland, Ohio. We were both looking for a friend. He knew I was “involved” with another guy. As time passed, I decided I should stop dating Paul. Perhaps guilt was getting to me, I don’t remember. We were attending a Bible study together, and he said he would stop to pick me up at the nurses’ dorm. If I was there waiting, fine, if not, he would never bother me again.

I honestly didn’t know what to do. I debated back and forth for the entire week. ONE HOUR before Paul was to pick me up I still didn’t know if I should meet him or not. I knew if I did, he would expect a commitment from me. In desperation I fell to my knees. “God, I have no idea what You want me to do. I give this whole situation to you.”

Not a cool prayer, but instantly I felt the weight lift from my shoulders. Without even thinking, I met Paul and got into his car. Immediately I knew that that was where I should be. Absolute peace filled me. In two months we were engaged.

The years have not all been easy ones but I know without a doubt that Paul was my intended life-partner. We have weathered the hard times together, and have come out stronger. Now, 44 years later, I still make plans and forget to tell him. He still thinks too much and talks too little, but now we can read each other’s minds, so it is okay.

Who am I that God should care enough to arrange a marriage for me? I am both a worm, and a child of the king.

Has God led you somewhere unexpected in your life? Share it with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you -- Regina

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