A grin of love

There is not much that is more wonderful than a new grandchild. I was recently able to spend three days with four-month-old Zayne, son of my youngest son, Jim.

My newest grandchild!

I held Zayne and he looked at my face and gave me a huge grin, as though I were the most amazing person in the world.

His grin spread until drool ran down his cheek. He laughed out loud in joy. Of course, I ate up this freely-given love! Eventually I wore him out.

I wonder how God would feel if we looked at Him and a huge smile of absolute love were to spread across our faces? Maybe we will laugh in adoration and drool will run down our cheeks.

The sight of our Heavenly Father should prompt unconditional love. This week, lift your face to the heavens and “see” God in your mind’s-eye. Smile at His radiance and at His love for you.

Maybe laugh in delight. Have a tissue handy in case there is drool.



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