What is the soul?

My preacher shared with us one Sunday about how our bodies are the shell and the spirit is what is inside the shell. Being a nurse, I mulled this over.

I have long questioned where, exactly, my soul resides. I have come to the conclusion that my soul is an integral part of me, not something I can separate out and put into its own compartment. To put it in a framework I can understand, I have decided my soul is a hidden part of the interstitial fluid that bathes every cell of my body.

My soul is so minutely connected to “me” that I cannot live without it. Of course my wandering mind then ran into the concept of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is different from my soul. The Holy Spirit is its own being, someone sent by God to walk with me, to advise and comfort me.

It is raining out today, and cold for South Carolina. The dampness makes my bones ache, and the gray calls me to sleep. The soul within me is suffering as well, since we are one. I lit the gas logs in my fireplace. The warmth felt good, and the flickering flames comforted, reminding me of campfires in the summer and provided an overall feeling of hominess. Now, I can pull my chair closer to the fire if I need more warmth, or I can back away if I choose.

The fire doesn’t intrude. It doesn’t force my decisions or coerce me in any way. It is here. I can choose to take advantage of it or I can walk from the room.

I decided this is a good representation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is there all the time. I can draw close and seek its wisdom, or I can simply walk away. It will follow me, but not interfere.

Sometimes I grab a sweater, or simply complain about the cold in my bones, forgetting I have access to a wonderful source of heat in the living room. Likewise, I grapple with life-decisions, or even simple everyday issues, forgetting I have the power of God at my side.

I plan to try to remember that God has provided comfort for the gray days; I just need to pull closer to it. I hope this week you will take some time to feel the Holy Spirit beside you.

For those of you in the path of more snow and colder weather, be safe.

Ask the Holy Spirit to be your companion on all road trips.


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