Fear not! You (and God) have this!

This past Sunday my minister talked about the intensity of our faith, and how as Christians we really don’t express, emotionally, our love of Christ.

He said that many of us fail to do this because of some fear. He challenged us with, “What are you afraid of? If God guaranteed that good would come of your actions, would you lose your fear?”

I thought about my fear. I often don’t act because of fear of looking foolish. I would hate to do something and have everyone look at me and shake their heads in sad wonder. It has happened before, unfortunately. Perhaps that’s why it’s my fear.

So what would I do differently if I had no fear of looking foolish? I would talk to strangers more. You know, those impulsive times when you feel the need to just walk up to a particular person and start a conversation about Christ? I would do it!

If I had no fear of looking foolish I would write more. Oh, the agony of putting out the printed word, sharing the inner thoughts of a rambling mind that “might” look foolish. I would lose my caution!

If I had no fear of looking foolish I would love my husband more, hug my kids more, love my neighbors more, and sing more (even off key). I would smile more and laugh more. I would pray with others more. Yes, out in the open where God and everyone can see me. I wouldn’t care that others think I am a radical.

Fear holds us back from so many good things. What’s the worst that can happen if I look foolish? Someone will think less of me while God thinks more of me?

What is your fear? What would you do differently if you lost that fear? Give one of those things a try this week and see how God blesses you.

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