Put down your shovel, and carry a rope!

When I am writing a book and looking at life from a character’s perspective, I start to see the character as a real individual. I was thinking recently about the dark pits we dig for ourselves, and one of my characters in Deadly Decision came to mind: Mitch.

Mitch is a young man with no family and no roots. He seems to be looking for something to give him stability. Surrounded by Godly people, he continues to make one bad decision after another, digging his pit deeper with each shovel-full.

I wondered about people like Mitch, who tend to make bad decisions even though they seemingly “know better.” My conclusion was that God created this pit for character growth, just like He allowed Joseph to be put into an empty well and sold to slavery.

Eventually Mitch could no longer dig. His energy to lift that shovel one more time, to make one more decision, was gone. He lay on his back and stared up at the long walls of the pit he had dug himself into. No way out; no hope.

But then God steps in. The pit is dark. The walls are steep. But at the very top is light. THERE IS HOPE.

God is at the top of all of our problems. No matter how far we've fallen, no matter the pit we have dug with our bad decisions, God’s rope is longer. God used Christian friends to toss the rope to Mitch. Without them, he would have died alone in the dark. Some think he might deserve this, but not God.

Each of us has a role in life. We are either flat on our backs in a pit of despair, waiting for the rope, or we are the rope-throwers. If you are Mitch, run to the faithful in your life. Leave your pride and self-pity in the bottom of the pit as you reach out arms for help. If we stumble upon someone in a pit, what can we do to help?

What does that person need most at that moment? Probably not platitudes and a told-you-so attitude, but acceptance, a hand of friendship, and perhaps a hot meal. Carry a rope with you this week, my friends, and remember to look up.

Help comes from the Heavens.


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