What can you do for Baltimore?

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Dear Friends,

My church is partnering with groups who are planting churches in Baltimore. This is a crime-filled and poverty-stricken area. The drug and prostitution trade is rampant and God is hard to find in the filth-ridden inner city neighborhoods. But this is where these servants have chosen to work. When the recent riots in Baltimore started, I feared for the safety of the church planters and the Christians in there who are already living in violence.

My minister received a letter from one of the Baltimore pastors and I want to share it with you. God is doing amazing things in Baltimore!

Please read this and be filled with hope for our country. Please join me in prayer for this mighty work and the safety of the Christians living in Baltimore.


Good evening, I am just getting in and headed into prayer for our city. But many of you have asked for an update on Baltimore. Today, the faith community took over!

Hundreds upon hundreds of people who love Jesus from all races, social status, and from across the metro area came out to serve Baltimore today. Prayer groups formed all over the city, all day long and into the evening. Planters partnered with area non-profits to deliver 6,000 meals to Baltimore police. Prayer circles formed in the streets covering people, police, firemen with the Spirit of the Almighty God. Planter trash crews cleaned up many of the places where the worse of the violence occurred. One planter called in the Billy Graham rapid response team and they arrived praying over people in West Baltimore. Hundreds of meals were delivered/made available to children who could not go to school to receive their usual breakfast and lunch. One ministry that serves mothers who have lost children in Baltimore to violence is holding a Mothers Day gathering for these hurting moms and gifting them, loving on them and serving them. One of our newest church plants is their partner. People wept as Jesus was presented as Savior and Lord of their lives. I couldn't be more proud of our city pastors and church planters! They have been on their feet all day and tonight are hovering over the city as curfew dawns in prayer calling down the presence of God. Now we seek to rebuild our city: spiritually, relationally, economically for the cause of Christ and for justice and mercy to fill our 258 neighborhoods. Baltimore pastors/planters need you. They need continued prayer for the war is not over. They need resources to pour in to light up every neighborhood, especially the west side with church plants-we have one SBC church there. They need the investment of Gods people who will help them host block parties, family days in the parks-to bring a positive spirit back into Baltimore. They need construction crews who can help remodel churches long neglected yet reborn with new church plants within. Baltimore is going to bring together the gospel of Jesus with the hearts and hands of positive reconciliation and family strengthening. We will not quit. We will not walk away. We are in this to the end! We need you to stand with us now and for the rebuilding of this great city. Thank you for loving our pastors/planters. They have felt it all day long. For more information on how you can help contact me at 304-283-9480 or at rlarson365@yahoo.com Ron Larson NAMB Send City Missionary

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