A visit from a friend...

It excites me when God sends a special little gift my way. This time it’s a box turtle.

Where I’m from in Ohio, snapping turtles were the norm. I had never seen a box turtle until five years ago when one appeared in my yard in South Carolina.

I watched her walk across the cement driveway and into the grass until she reached the shed. And as far as I know, that’s where she stays. It’s moist, dark, and full of yummy bugs under there; paradise for a box turtle.

My turtle shows up about twice a year, just to let me know she’s still around. I watch her from the distance, giving her space. She’s amazingly beautiful with her lined shell and distinct colors. Box turtles live at least 50 years, some as long as 100 years. I imagine she’ll be with me awhile, always surprising me with her appearance when I least expect her.

I saw her Sunday, on Mother’s Day. I wonder if she is a mom and if she has little box turtles or their eggs somewhere under the shed. I look, but don’t see any. It’s fun seeing her and knowing my yard is safe-haven for something so unique.

Has God sent you a little something just to brighten your day? He does things like that, you know. Watch for them and tell me about one of your special visits!


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