Challenge yourself: Play more ball!

It’s baseball season. I have a college student in my town who plays baseball. His family follows his team to as many games as possible then posts on Facebook the highlights, complete with pictures. “The Game” is a big deal.

I got to thinking. We are all in a game of sorts. We are part of a team, have a unique role in the team, and are surrounded by players. We are in the game of life. Just as in baseball, experienced players mentor younger players. Also, we assume many roles for the team, but there is one role where we excel. This becomes our assigned position. And surrounding us are other team mates – some we may like, and some may actually grate on our nerves, but they are teammates none the less.

So what about my game? I am part of many teams, one is my Christian team. If a team member matures over time, am I becoming a better follower of Christ?

Ball players practice and then practice more. Sometimes the practice becomes mundane and routine, but they still do it. Am I dedicated in my Christian practice of prayer and Bible study even when it feels routine and unnecessary? Growing in skill is not always fun. And what about mentoring? Am I an example for others? What am I doing to help others grown in their faith? Going to church is not enough. Sitting in a pew only helps me grow roots. I need to spend time with those younger in the faith.

As for assigned position, God gifted each of us with certain strengths that are to be used to support the team. I can teach. I can talk easily in front of people. I am learning the art of crafting the written word. I have the gift of hospitality. I need to use these more for the team.

How about you? What teams do you belong to? Are you mentoring the younger members, practicing your game, and developing the skills for your role? God needs each of us on His team.

Spend this week thinking about one of your teams and how you can be a more effective member. Enjoy the springtime, and may the pollen fail to find your nose.



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