On the straight and narrow

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I like things in a straight line. Symmetrical. My canned goods are lined up like little soldiers.

The pictures on the walls are straight. As children, my two daughters seldom wore pigtails because I could never get them exactly even. During a break at a conference in Charleston I used my cane to straighten the clock on the front wall, and received a rousing cheer. It must have bothered more than just me. What is it about asymmetry that drives us to distraction?

God created order and balance, and then we (mankind) tried to make it “better” and we have messed things up. Star-lit skies are blurred by city lights; fresh air smells like exhaust fumes. We dam rivers and bulldoze mountains.

I believe God put in each of us an innate sense of order. It may not be a need for symmetry, but some gut-instinct on how the world should work. Unconsciously we try to shift our part of the world back to how it should be.

All I can control are the cupboards (and only then if the grandkids aren’t helping) and maybe the pictures on the walls. But it is something.

If we listen, God will help us put our lives in order. He will help us make the decisions that will restore order to our world. If you are living in chaos, or feel you are, be still and listen to God’s voice. Read His word. Spend some time in prayer. He will share with you what you need to “straighten” in order to get your life symmetrical with His.

May you find peace this week.


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