Making and keeping memories

That's my dad on the right. Memorial Day gives us a chance to celebrate our past and give honor to our soldiers who have assured our freedom and to those we love who have made us what we area. I have three special soldiers in my family:


My father, my husband and my son. But it is not soldiers I want to talk about, but families and memories. I am writing this blog a day late because I spent my usual blog-writing day playing with two of my grandkids. I hope we created memories that will outlast me.

Reflecting on the meaning of Memorial Day I thought about the day my parents asked me what I wanted that belonged to them. They were revising their will, I think. I am not a great “Thing” person, but I love “Things” that have memories connected to them. I wanted my dad’s WWII scrapbook, my mom’s locket she got as a young teen, and my grandfather’s pocket watch.

My mom gave me the locket several years ago. Inside the locket is a curl of my baby hair. My granddaughter loves to have me open the locket so she can look at that blonde curl. My dad made me cry recently when he gave me his scrapbook. We went over the pictures again (we have done this many times!) and I now have a constant reminder of my dad’s youth and his service.

The pocket watch is still where it belongs - with my parents.

Memories are strong bonds that remind us of our roots and our heritage. We have our earthly heritage, and we have our Heavenly heritage. I hope you have precious memories that support you during hard times, and maybe even a “Thing” or two that acts as a reminder.

Have a great Memorial Day season.


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