Can you find your way home?

I am directionally-challenged, and I have discovered this disability transfers to games.

I had two of the grandchildren for the weekend and they introduced me to the world of Minecraft. In Minecraft you create a computer-world on, in our case, our IPhones, complete with lakes, houses, stores, gardens – the whole world.

The grandkids created a house for me, and gave me a game identity that would show on their phones when I “joined” the game. I am Grams.

First off, I can’t seem to get my “little me” to turn corners, but I did, finally, learn how to go straight. As for knowing where I am in the game world- forget it. Nate said, “Ok Grandma, see if you can find your way back to your house.” I never made it.

But I passed Olivia’s store and bought a pumpkin (they grow already carved in this world) and I purchased a dog that can live in my house if I ever find it.

Will Heaven will come with a road map? If you get there before me, don’t expect me to show up at your pearly gate too quickly.

The good thing is, I don’t hesitate to ask directions! Have a good week, and spend some time with kids. You may find a whole new world out there!


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