Waiting ... and waiting ... and ...

When I decide to do something, I want to do it now. When I have a project in mind, I expect it done sooner rather than later. But, alas, I have found the world does not revolve around my sense of timing.

I am not sure why God has sent me down a writing path when it requires so much patience: perhaps to teach me a lesson?

My second book, Retribution, a sequel to Deadly Decision, is done. It is sold. It is edited. I have a cover. The final proofs, called galleys have been sent in. And I wait. I drum my fingers on my computer, waiting for Pelican Books to send me an email giving me a release date. And it doesn’t come. And I pace. I go to the beach and work on book three, with an eye on my in-box.

I am not the only author of Pelican Books; I am not the only one waiting. In God’s time, I tell myself as I wonder how the book will be received. Will the readers like it? Will they “get” my message about God’s love, even for those who think they are unlovable? Will they enjoy following Ted and Trina, Bill and

Sandra, or have they not fallen in love with them like I have?

I am pacing. And waiting. And praying. And trusting God. But I need to trust more and stop fussing.

How are things in your life? Do you fuss over things that you cannot control? Are you a pacer or a fretter or a finger tapper?

In Luke 9:23 Jesus tells us to take up our cross and follow Him. Perhaps patience is my cross, and I am being given a huge does of “taking up.” Is patience the burden you have to carry, or is your cross something else?

Let’s work on giving our burdens to God and trusting Him with the worry.

Have a good week.


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