For the Klutzes of the World

I fell out the camper door recently. I guess I thought the four stairs were optional.

Whatever the reason, I found myself on the ground with a gash in my head and a swollen ankle. In spite of what some may think, I can confirm that my blood is red and not green. The doctor confirmed the foot was not broken and outfitted me with a nifty brace.

As for attention-getting devices, it works well. I doesn’t work quite as well at providing comfort when I walk.

The sad part of this story is there were stairs for my use. I even had a handrail but thought I could get to terra-firma on my own.

Many of us are Christian Klutzes. We flounder around, miss the steps intended to help us, ignore the support of handrails, and just “do it on our own.” I need to spend more time paying attention to stairs and handrails. I need to pay attention to God’s safety devices as well.

He has given us Klutzes instructions on what is good and acceptable Christian behavior. Why is it we think we can usurp God’s law?

Just as gravity always gets the last word, so will God end up having His way. Walking the tightrope of disobedience just because we can results in an end-product no one is happy with.

Just as stairs and handrails serve a purpose, so does God’s directions. Let's use them!


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