Praying for the nation

It would be a disservice to my fellow South Carolinians if I did not mention the recent flooding in our state. Even though my county of Darlington received more than 17 inches of rain, we were spared the devastation much of the state suffered.

Over 150 roads are destroyed and equally as many bridges are unstable. Sewage-infected water swirls through homes and schools remain buried under water. People are missing. The rain has stopped but flooding remains in low areas.

The cumulative effect of rain is staggering. In isolation, each drop is insignificant, mostly not noticed by people busy with their own lives. It’s when drops come together that they have an impact. The power is in numbers, especially if the numbers come all at the same time.

I thought about our nation. We have so many issues facing us: deterioration of family values, legalization of same sex marriages, acceptance of marijuana as safe and legal in increasing areas, violence against authority, degradation of work ethics … need I go on?

One Christian at a time may create ripples, upset the locals perhaps, but will have no lasting effect. However, if that one Christian is joined by others – many others – and the environment is saturated with Christian values, perhaps society will be forced to “sink or swim.”

What will it take for us Christians to become a unified and loud voice of reason within the thunder and lightning of chaos?

A shower passes and no one notices while a flood stops us all.

We need to become a flood for Christ during these uncertain times. I have no answers, which goes against my belief that one should not submit problems without offering solutions, but I pray that God will rise up a God-fearing leader that can become our Moses and lead us home again.

With an unexpected heaviness, my prayers are for my nation.


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