The night was dark ...

The night was dark and I was alone.

Sometime in the wee-hours my hand slipped beneath my husband’s empty pillow. Instantly awake, I strangled a scream in my throat. I jerked back my hand. I had touched a mouse!

Keeping my eyes glued to the pillow, I groped behind me for a weapon. Finding the Kindle and holding it like a hammer (sorry Mary), I jerked the pillow off the bed and stifled my second scream.

The mouse was much bigger than I expected!

And then I laughed. I recognized the furry object as the rabbit pelt I had bought my grandson on a recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

I spent an hour or so getting my heart to slow and pondering the question of just who had stowed the pelt in my bed? Both Nate and Olivia had spent the day with me…

The culprit was Olivia. She was hiding the pelt from her brother. I have been trying to think of a good "faith application" for this, but my mind is blank.

For this week, know there are many beautiful things found in the dark, like spiders, and snakes, and bats. And if you have little ones around, BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.

Please have a blessed week.


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