Isabelle and Lillian are missed

I am missing these two granddaughters something awful right now. Isabelle and Lillian.

They live in Indianapolis (Fishers actually). Chances are I will give them a call tonight and use the face-time on my phone. Of course, they may or may not “show up.” Being little girls, they could be caught up in a television show, a new game, reading a book, playing a game, having a snack, or they might not be “in the mood” to talk to Grandma.

My plight makes me think of God and how He must miss us when we haven’t communicated in awhile. You know, we are too busy cleaning house, going to work, chasing after kids, shopping, laundry, or whatever occupies us all day. Sometimes we are “not in the mood” to chat with God.

I will be seeing Belle and Lilly over Thanksgiving when I will have two of my four children and four of the five grandchildren under the same roof at the same time. I will love this, but long to have all four kids and spouses and all five grandkids with me. Selfish, I know.

God probably looks forward to this too. I can see him crossing off the days on His Heavenly calendar until the second coming and He gathers us all to Heaven with Him. I can see him smiling at us as we dance in streets of gold, a beaming smile that cuts through the shadows of eternity. There we are, all His Children, gathered together under one roof.

If I were to have my granddaughters with me right now, we would go to the pumpkin patch and pick the biggest pumpkins we can carry. We would hitch a ride on the hay wagon and try our luck in the corn maze, eat some apples and maybe drink mulled cider or hot chocolate.

Plan now a way to spend time with those you cherish. Make it happen!


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