Blooming where you're planted, even when separated from the 'mother-stem'

My sister has an African violet that she loves. She cut a leaf off the mother-stem and put it in water. It rooted, and she planted it and gave it to me.

I do not have my sister’s green thumb, and expected the poor thing to die. Instead it flourished. I have had to re-pot it twice and it is constantly full of beautiful deep-purple blooms.

How like that leaf I am. Our move from Ohio to South Carolina cut us from the mother-plant and plunked us into a glass of water. We were told to thrive. And we did, but not without anxiety.

The Bible has recorded dozens of people who were cut from the mother-stem and thrived. I have friends who are in the process of moving from South Carolina to Tennessee. They fear leaving their church home and many friends. Others are changing jobs and are wondering if what they are leaving behind is really all that bad? These friends are being cut from the mother-stem.

God is with us in all seasons. I doubt if my sister’s single leaf would have spread into a huge plant if left attached. Paul and I would not have grown a new church family and a fellowship of wonderful friends if not for being transplanted. God uses change to grow us and give us new blessings.

If you are facing changes, I pray you will confront them as the blessing. My violet began as a single leaf with a raw and ragged stem. It grew into a flourishing plant. I have grown in South Carolina.

If you find yourself cut from your safety zone, just settle into the water until God plants you in soil. You will thrive.


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