Remembering Thanksgiving ...

We broke with tradition this Thanksgiving and moved our holiday to the Smokey Mountains. My oldest daughter, Lori, found us a great log cabin in the middle of nowhere to rent, and her family, my son Mike and his family, and Paul and I headed to the hills.

There were 10 of us. That amounted to some noise. I went to bed one night well before the grands were ready to call it a day. I lay there listening to their shrieks of pretend-terror as they chased each other, feet pounding on the wood floor and up the stairs right outside my door. Sleep was impossible, but the chaos made me smile.

We brought more food than we could fit in the refrigerator. The dilemma: what to do with it. The turkey would stay cold outside, but what about the bears? Each morning I woke and went to the wrap-around porch and searched the woods for bears. Not seeing any, I scanned for deer. Then bunnies. Ok, I lowered my expectation to squirrels. Then birds. Nada. I did manage to catch a few stink bugs in the house and set them free.

Hikes in the woods proved interesting with four unique personalities knit in four active bodies. The youngest, Lillian, filled my pockets with “beautiful rocks.” They gathered leaves and twigs, pinecones and tree bark and we made a centerpiece for our table. It was lovely!

I have so much to be thankful for. Of course my husband, without whom none of the noise would have been possible. Ha. My children and my perfect and wonderful grandchildren. Our freedom, our health, our jobs. Friends. A car that always starts (top on my list). So much more.

Wherever you were, I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. God has provided and continues to provide. What are you thankful for right now?


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