What is my gift to God this Christmas?

Sunday I attended the children’s Christmas program at my church. Jesus attended with me.

I imagined His joy as we watched. He chuckled at the little boy in the front of the stage who picked his nose. And His heart melted while the children delivered their lines, tiny faces planted in the microphone. Together we enjoyed the toddler angel who, dressed in white with a pacifier tight in her mouth, decided to march across the stage instead of standing at her assigned spot.

He loved the solos. He laughed out loud as a little preschooler really (REALLY) got into the songs motions! (My granddaughter is the beautiful little redhead in the middle of the photo with the Santa hat.)

We have all been there – at programs where children do their best to honor God. It is beautiful and heart-warming. I know the gift is accepted with great love by God Himself.

During this holiday season, what do we adults offer to God?

What gift do we prepare as an offering to the baby Jesus? This is one of the busiest times of the year, and yet I challenge you to purposely set aside some time to give to Jesus. Volunteer, shop for a homebound, donate to the food bank, help an elderly neighbor decorate the house, visit those in the nursing home, share homemade cookies.

Whatever your skill, share it with Jesus this week. Merry Christmas!


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