It's puzzling; and it's not all about me!

I tend to forget life isn’t about me. Life isn’t about my writing, or my dreams of owning a beach house, or my need to protect my children even though they are grown.

When I go to church, it isn’t about my comfort or my entertainment, or my acceptance of the way our budget is spent. I could cry. I really thought life was about me. Sorry self, but life is bigger than you. Life is about God and where I fit into HIS master puzzle.

Sunday my preacher said, “There are people who love worshiping Jesus but forget to worship Jesus.” Such simple words. Such a revelation. Could that person be me? I love the high I get from being at church, the camaraderie of spending time with like-minded folks, the pat on the back, the kiss on the cheek.

I feel good dropping my offering into the plate, welcoming strangers and being swept away by the music. Where is Jesus in my experience?

My minister went on to say that scripture supports the fact (I love facts) that one cannot meet God and fail to fall on his or her face in surrender. A Muslim man told me that you can tell a devout Muslim by the thick callus on his forehead from bowing in regular prayer. Have I ever fallen on my face in submission?

If life is about God, and I am a part of His master puzzle, I better spend some time figuring out where I fit. He has given me a unique puzzle-shape with skills and abilities. But I am not the whole picture. I am a piece. I need to hone my skills so they fit totally and snugly into the piece beside me. It is not about my skills. It is about fitting into God’s spot for me.

How can someone tell if I am a devout Christian? I don’t have a thick callus on my forehead, but I need to have one in my heart. My writing needs to match God’s plan. My giving, my friendship, even my aches and pains need to glorify God.

So that’s it. If you thought I was “ALL THAT,” sorry, I’m not. But God is. Here’s to becoming the best part of the puzzle I can be!


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