Forge ahead ...

This is a picture of the hallway in my house.

When we first toured the house I thought the hall looked like a bowling alley it was so long. Now, ten years later, I have grown accustomed to it. I love the width, and the length is fun when the grandkids are here playing.

But the hall can be dark and scary. Unsure what lurks in its length, I have had more than one grandchild refuse to walk down the hall unless I held their hands.

We are starting a new year and for many of us the year is beginning with challenges and nightmares we would rather not be facing. But the struggles are here. We want to know what is at the end of the hall. What is behind that very last door?

God doesn’t work that way. He expects us to act in faith. Walk down the hall, forge ahead, resting in God’s promises. If you ask, your Heavenly Father will hold your hand.

Whatever the year brings - resolution, new troubles, increased joy, hope - know that God has good things planned for all of us. Take courage. At the end of our hall, God will be there.

Forge ahead my friends.


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