I dreamed of using my time more wisely, and so I am!

Dreams are strange beasts. One night I dreamed people stopped by my house to rob me. My husband wasn’t home, and for whatever reason, I let them in. The people consisted of two brothers and their wives, and three children, one a teen, one school aged and one a toddler.

The family took everything in my house: furniture, dishes, food, pictures. The whole works. When my husband got home, he told me we needed to get the dust cleaned up because we were having company for supper. I got very angry – not for lack of sympathy over being robbed, but for not realizing we could not have guests for supper without a table to serve them on. No idea what this means, but my next dream seems a bit clearer.

As I arose in the morning, I picked up a pot like the one used by the Salvation Army Bell Ringers at Christmas only smaller. I went outside and immediately began to float upward. There were dozens of people floating, all of us carrying identical pots. We floated to Heaven where God put a bundle of popsicle sticks bound together with a satin ribbon in each of our pots.

I floated back down and sat on the living room floor with my family. We spread out our sticks and began to plan how we would use them. Each stick was worth one hour of time. God gave each of us 24 hours every morning to use as we wished. I wanted to go to a concert, but lacked two sticks needed. I bartered with my sibling, with no luck. I could cut down on sleep time, or omit eat time if I wanted to have enough sticks to go to the concert. The choice was mine.

I don’t know how the dream ended, but I awakened thinking about time. God DOES give us a gift of 24 hours each day. Perhaps your day isn’t wrapped in ribbon (mine is!) but time is still a gift God gives to everyone equally.

How do I spend my 24 popsicle sticks each day? When I started thinking of time as a gift rather than an expectation, I began to analyze how I spent them. Do I really want to put three sticks in the “watch TV” pile? How about that stick that is “undecided” and will probably end up being in the TV pile? Can I spare one stick a day in prayer and bible study? Where can I pull it from? Maybe half an hour from each meal hour?

I have re-thought my time allocation, and have turned it to one of my most valuable commodities. I am more reluctant to squander even one popsicle stick. As for the first dream, I have no idea where it came from. Maybe it’s a warning not to let strangers in the house.

Have a blessed week.


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