Sha-Ka: Be obedient in worship

I love when my pastor uses Greek in his sermon. To me, the language has a guttural sound, like Star Trek’s Klingon.

I learned that the Greek word for worship (one of them anyway) is Sha-Ka. Use a throaty ‘Ka’ and spit some slobbers out as you say it. Now wipe your face off.

What worship means is to bow your head so that the neck is exposed. Then the King can tap you on the head in love or swing the sword and lop it off. But the purpose of bowing your head and exposing your neck is to show trust in the King’s judgment and humility to allow Him to act as He sees fit. Sha-Ka.

If you know me, you know I have a need to solve all the world’s problems. My prayers often sound like “okay God, I love you and trust you, but just in case you need my help I plan to…” I am exposing my neck, but wearing a thick scarf just in case. I need to work on truly releasing to God all my concerns in obedience and humility. Sha-Ka.

Most of us are struggling with issues beyond our control. We pray, and then we stress, and then we intervene, and stress when our interventions don’t work. God doesn’t seem to be answering our prayer. Why should He when we clearly are telling Him it’s okay, I can get this.

Work on Sha-Ka this week with me. Practice extending that neck in true honor and obedience to the King (and don’t spit on Him as you do it).


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