Trying to follow more, lead less

Several months ago I decided to take Jesus with me wherever I went. He would have such fun seeing the beach, smelling the spices at the Mexican restaurant, feeling the joy of my granddaughter when I picked her up from school. I took Him to church with me, for rides in the car…where ever I went. Wow, I was so good, remembering to take Jesus with me.

This Sunday the whole concept came crashing down on my head. The sermon text was John 4. The story centered on the man whose son was ill and he wanted Jesus to come home with him, some six hours walk away, and heal his son.

Jesus refused to go with the man. How many times had I read that story and never really “caught on?” Jesus isn’t my savior so He can follow me around, He is my savior so I can follow Him. Jesus told the man to go home, his son was healed. But Jesus refused to go with the man. Jesus met the man’s need, but in His way.

In my smugness of taking Jesus with me, I wonder how many times I failed to hear Jesus’ directions for another path? Maybe He wanted me to go to Food Lion instead of IGA, or, like my blog last week, go to the post office NOW. I keep busy planning my day, filling the hours, and feeling smug that I included Jesus in my time. I had the whole concept of savior and saved backwards, and thus the whole process of who should be following whom.

I will try to listen more, even though it is hard to suppress my personality. But then, Jesus knows that too.

Dear Friends, try listening this week. If you have an urge to go to a different grocery store, head to the post office, or do anything out of the ordinary, be alert for God’s purpose!


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