It's no sin to serve PB&J!

Do you ever feel like all you do is work, work, and work? First you spend your eight-or-how-ever-many hours at the job, and then you have more work to do.

You have a whole mountain of laundry, unending meals to cook, kids’ homework to help with, housework, committee meetings, projects, spouse expectations (which seems to come last and shouldn’t). You spend time at church, teaching, attending, helping, and volunteering. At the end of your life someone will say, “Yep, she was a busy one.”

I wonder what God will say when I show up at the Pearly Gates?

“Did you see the sunsets I put out for you? Did you enjoy the scent of the flowers? Weren’t the different colored birds fun to watch? How about those mountains? Or the beach? Did you enjoy the changing seasons?

I will say, “Oops, sorry. I was too busy doing good things.”

There must be a balance between work and “being.” I never understood this before, thinking ‘idle fingers (and mind) are the devil’s workshop.’ Some mother must have said this to a lazy daughter once, but it stuck. Now I can’t “sit” and yet I resent the “busy-ness.”

So here it is. My permission – if you need it – to sit and do nothing for awhile. Rest your mind, your muscles, and enjoy some of God’s natural gifts. Peanut butter and jelly for supper is not a sin.

What steps do you take to slow down? I need a few suggestions!


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