You are what you wear, at least to others

My grandson is working on his personal image. He sent a picture to my phone and asked if I could replicate the look. So I did. His response: It’s epic! (that means he likes it). It has become his “signature look,” at least for now.

I notice how people dress, and it is interesting to learn the “back-story” to their appearance. Take the waitress at the coffee shop with the red stripe in her hair. Or the woman with jeans so tight…well, they were tight (I learned not to ask her too many questions).

Or the mom who dressed her tot in ruffles and a bow in her hair bigger than her head to go to the drug store. Dress is often an attempt to show the world how they want to be seen.

At writers conferences I can often tell what a person writes by how he or she dresses. You know, the gothic all-black, the romantic lace, or the suit and hard shoes types. But then there are the surprises. The big beefy man who writes romance. The old granny who is big into crime/suspense. Me?

I wear kakis or jeans and a shirt or sweater. Warm and comfortable. Scuffed shoes and little makeup. I was told once that I look rigid and formal. Others rolled on the floor in laughter when they heard this. Some say I look like the friend next door. My husband thinks I look like Meg Ryan (he better anyway!). But almost everyone says they know I am a Christian. It’s the shoes, isn’t it?

What do people think about you? Do they know you belong to the one Lord and King of the Universe, regardless of what you wear? How do you present yourself to the harried sales clerk, the distracted teen that is packing your grocery bags too heavy, the mail person or the garbage man? What about to your boss, your co-workers, or your subordinates?

If you are brave, try asking. We are ambassadors for the King. We need to live in the part.

Have a great week. You know, you are what you wear!


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