Complications: Trusting those not worthy of trust

Sometimes life gets complicated. My computer crashed again, the second time in a couple of months, so I decided to replace it.

During the process of loading the WORD program, a screen opened that said my computer system had a major problem, WORD could not progress, please call this 800 number immediately. I thought I had someone from Microsoft. Bottom line, I spent $500 to build a firewall to prevent the hacking that was occurring to my IP address.

I have no idea what an IP address is. I am sent to the developing person, then to the support person. Paid with my charge card. Gave them access to my computer to clean up the bug. The next day I got to pay another $200 to un-do what I paid $500 the day before to create.

Called the bank. They filed a complaint but cannot refund my money since I authorized the payment. Yes, I did. Gullible me.

They sounded so honest and helpful; they were saving me from a fate worse than death, hacking. They sounded professional in every way. They had all the right answers. Isn’t that just like Satan?

He dresses himself in kindness, appears when we need the help and lends a hand. He spins a story until we are so confused we don’t know right from wrong. And then He pulls us in. Before we know what has happened, Satan has robbed us of our relationship with God.

Or so he would like us to believe. But God is only a phone call away. My financial debt cannot be forgiven, but our debt to God already has been, even before we act stupidly.

As I spend the day licking my wounds and trying to make my checkbook balance, I am blessed to have a Savior that knew ahead of time that Regina Smeltzer would not always be the smartest block in the stack, and made plans to redeem me. Too bad my bank doesn’t see it God’s way.

Have a wise and Godly week!


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