My new book is out! My book is out!

Do you wonder what goes through an author’s head when a new book is released? The process is very much like a pregnancy. You know, the anticipation, the imagination, the creation, the preparation.

Then the manuscript goes to the agent and publishing house, and they pick at it for a while. They send you a picture of the cover, kind of like one of those ultrasound pictures that shows the image, but falls short of reflecting the real thing.

One day the doorbell rings, and it is the UPS man with a large and heavy box. You know immediately what is inside, and you get all jittery with anticipation. You cut the tape, remove layer after layer of packing material, until, finally, there they are -- your books!

Hi there book. I know you! You stroke the cover with the tips of your fingers, lingering over one spot, then another. This is your creation!

You call everyone you know, and put the link on Facebook. My book is out! It is amazing!!

Not everyone will adore the book like you do. Yeah, another book. Big deal. Some down-right hate it. That hurts, but you get over it. You know what lies inside the cover, the message that is there, beautiful words layered one upon another for reflection and delight.

God knew, even when I was being knit in my mother’s womb, that the day would come when I would release my child, my creation, upon the world. And here it is.

It takes me a year to write a book, and yet God created the universe and everything in it in six days. I can barely settle on the name of my main character in that amount of time. I wondered, if God wrote a book, what would it be about?

Then I hit myself on the forehead. He did write a book! It’s called the Bible, and it is the most amazing book ever written. As much as I want my books to be read, I want the human race to read God’s book more. Only through an understanding of His Word can one find true happiness.

Have a good week. I know I will!!


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