May your garden, & walk with God, flourish!

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In May and June, I am energized to work in my garden. I see the young sprouts and imagine what they can become. I like to dig holes, plant the flowers, sprinkle a little fertilizer around them, and add water. Excitement bubbles as I anticipate the mature blooms and vines.

And then it gets hot outside. And I get busy visiting family. And there is the beach…

My flower garden is neglected, the weeds out-grow the plants, and soon what I anticipated looking like a page in Better Homes and Gardens resembles a weed patch. And this happens every year.

During the summer months there is the tendency to fail to nurture our faith. We plant our faith, and water it in anticipation of growth, but come summer we forget to tend and care for it. Bible study takes a back-set to picking berries early in the morning before it gets too hot outside, prayer is squeezed by vacation.

Exhausted from Saturday, we skip church on Sunday, then we skip another. We become like seeds in shallow soil: our zeal for a relationship with Jesus withers and dies. Just like those little white cotton bugs that plague my roses in the summer, our faith that started out fresh and green becomes lifeless and ugly.

This summer I am determined to keep my garden weeded and watered. Come October, I want to see mulch instead of weeds, but that can only happen with determination on my part. I must choose, as I rush to see all the kids, my parents and sister, grandchildren, and of course fit in some time at the beach, to not ignore the most important relationship of all, my relationship with God.

I hope your flowers are blooming, your vacation plans are building, and your time with God is strong.


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