There's a reason for the hard times we experience ...

My youngest daughter bought me a small butter churn for Christmas. Since then I have been making my own butter. I buy cream, nice and white; perfect as it is, except I want butter, not cream.

So I pour this perfect cream into the churn and I turn the paddles for about ten minutes, or until the cream becomes solid. I now have butter. Butter that is perfect as it is, if you are going to eat it that day. Otherwise, the cream trapped in the butter will turn the butter rancid. In other words, it may appear done, but it isn’t.

So I dump the newly churned butter into a dish of ice water and squish it until I have rinsed all the buttermilk out of the butter. Then I form what is left into a nice log and place it on my butter dish. Now it is finished. I have hand-churned, no preservatives added, not color-enhanced, perfect butter.

Making butter reminds me of how Jesus is the potter and we are the lump of clay. Clay is perfect as it is if you want clay, but Jesus wants something different from us.

He puts us on that potter’s wheel and spins us around and thumps and pats until our heads spin. The wheel stops and we think the worst is over. But no, Jesus then throws us into a freezing cold lake and mashes us around some more. Enough already we shout!

No one likes troubles. I have had my share, and I have to admit to not being overjoyed with them. But how can God shape us into what He wants us to be without changing us?

Change is painful. I want to be as good as I can be; I want to be what God wants me to be, but I don’t like the process. Perhaps God is using this event to form me into something better.

Think of a hard time in your life, when the troubles bent you until you thought you couldn’t stand it anymore. Now, think about how that time made you a better tool for God. Pray your way through the troubled times. When all is accomplished, God will place you on a silver butter dish and smile.

With God's molding, you have become more than you were before.

Have a blessed week my friends. And remember, you can catch the video version of this blog on YouTube by clicking here ...


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