Waiting, trusting and waiting ...

I am sitting here waiting on my husband. The truck is acting funky and he took it to the garage. I am waiting on a phone call from my daughter who is at the vet. She thinks the cat had a stroke. The sun tea is in the sun.

All I can do is wait. Do I start something else? What if I begin a project and my husband calls for me to pick him up? What if the cat really is sick and my daughter needs support? What if…

Have you ever been like this? Waiting for others to do their jobs so you can do yours? I am not a patient person. I don’t like to keep others waiting, and I certainly don’t like to wait myself!

We are told in the Old and New Testaments to wait on God. And at times it feels like we wait. And wait. Is God really going to answer that prayer, or is the answer "no" and we are sitting here for nothing?

While we are waiting, God is busy moving the pieces around, rearranging what needs changed in order to answer our prayer. He is busy while we wait.

Eventually my husband will come home, my daughter will call, and the tea will be brewed. Eventually God will have all the hard work done, and the time for my prayers to come to fruition will arrive. All this will happen in God’s time, not ours.

If you feel like all you are doing is waiting on God to answer your prayers, that He is strangely quiet, trust that God is busy on your behalf. He is working, moving mountains to set the stage. And when all is ready, the answer will arrive.

I hope your time of waiting ends soon. Until then, keep trusting and keep praying.


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