What are you doing this summer?

I seem to be on summer hiatus. It hasn't been necessarily planned, but I've certainly made plans to do do things and am doing them. How are you spending your summer?

I am supposed to be working, writing that is. Right now, though, with Deadly Decision and Retribution out and available through Amazon and other online book sellers, and "Road to Logan," the working title for my latest completed novel, waiting in the wings to be pitched to publishers, I am diddling around.

I am camping with family. I am potty training a new puppy. I got online today while Paul was asleep to at least let people know I am not dead, but I am not being overly productive. Perhaps in my head I am writing my next novel.

We head back to Darlington, S.C., from our N.C. camping venture this Thursday. We stay there just long enough to mow the grass and go to the grocery store, then we head back out on Friday with granddaughter Olivia. We'll be spending the weekend with Michelle Buckman and her daughter Kyleigh. (Check out Michelle here. Her books always inspire me to write better. Be better.)

Anyway, they are tenting ... Our camper isn't even coming home! Ha!

I need to get a blog written. I know that. I feel I'm falling behind in my routine. Not good. I will work hard at getting another blog written for next week. Oh yeah - I head to the beach on the 17th for a week.

When I get home to S.C., on July 24th, we leave again on the 28th to go to daughter Kim's in Ohio. There will be a book signing, and more... Then comes the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Nashville. Sigh. Oh my! And I have a couple of speaking engagements in between all that, too.

Maybe I need a rest instead of work right now. Maybe I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

Here's hoping whatever your summer plans, God is there and guiding you.


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