What's underneath counts, too!

It rained for five days here in Darlington, South Carolina. All of the fronts settled for a while over my house. Finally, the sun came out, and along with the sun, a myriad of mushrooms. No, not the yummy kind, but the poisonous kind.

Examining them closer, they really are quite pretty. Some are fluted, while others look like the homes of Smurfs. Where have they been all this time? I decided to do some research.

My mushrooms have been there all along, underground, eating off the dead vegetation and decomposing roots hidden beneath the grass. When a good rain comes, they develop “fruiting structures” which show above ground.

We are more like mushrooms than I thought. For a time, we can keep the nasty parts of our lives hidden: habits we don’t like to admit, or thoughts that don’t show on the surface. But eventually the rain will come in the form of temptation, or stress, or anger, and POP, out it comes – that fruiting structure that no one knew was in us. I like the name fruiting structure because this part of us that suddenly became public will bear fruit – usually poisonous, just like my mushrooms. Spend some time in reflection this week. Are there mushrooms hidden inside you? Pray for God to help you remove them before they become fruiting structures in your life.

Blessings! Regina

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