Whatever your role, play it well

We took few days out of our routine and took the camper out. We like to go to a place called Sycamore Lodge in North Carolina, only about ninety minutes from our house. Camping gives us an escape from the pressure of “doing” that nags us when we are at home. So when life gets tough, the Smeltzers go camping.

At Sycamore we walk around the pond. Perhaps because things are starting to brown as Fall moves in, I noticed how many shades of green there were. Pine green, lime green, sage green, dark green, yellow green, asparagus (is that a color?), military green, citron, and olive green. This is from the perspective of an untrained artistic eye. I did a Google search and found 136 shades of green! I hope you can see a few shades of the greens in the photo i took.

God’s creativity is amazing, and He did this for us. Looking at all the greens around me, I couldn’t choose the “one” that was best. It seemed all the shades were needed, and if one was missing, the scene wouldn’t be as perfect.

I thought of I Corinthians chapter 12 where Paul talks about one body but many parts, some more prominent than others, but all needed to make the body of Christ (the church) function as intended.

Whatever your role, God put you in it for a reason, and if you function as intended, God will smile. However, when we neglect our role, feeling it is unimportant or unnecessary, we are telling God our wisdom is greater than His.

Guess who smiles over this one? Satan.

Whatever shade of green you are, brilliant emerald or dusty sage, God loves that color on you and has given you that color for a reason. Wear it with pride.

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