How to change a black Monday mood?

Have you ever gotten up on the wrong side of the bed? From the moment your feet touch the floor everything hits that red button on your back? Things that normally would slide off your emotional shoulders suddenly has your blood pressure rocketing?

That was my day recently. It was a black Monday, for sure. First thing, I didn’t have any milk for my coffee. I knew we didn’t have milk when I went to bed, but there it was, morning and no milk.

The dog trotted down the hall with my slipper. I knew she wanted to play and she expected me to chase her, but it just ticked me off.

So with no coffee and cold feet, I started my day in a black mood.

There wasn’t a parking space near the door at the grocery store, they were out of the cereal I wanted, and coffee that had been on sale yesterday was now off-sale and $2 more a can. The storm cloud grew.

Then I thought of Philippians 2:5. “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.” I can’t see Jesus getting upset over milk and slippers. I could have bought milk the night before, and I know the dog goes for the slippers and I should have put them up. But I neglected to do what I knew was right, and allowed my attitude of frustration to color my day.

God can do most anything, but there is one thing He cannot do. He cannot control our attitude.

If I get up with rain clouds over my head, it is up to me to remove them. I reflected on all I had. I have a great deal. God has blessed me beyond measure.

I am going outside now and toss the ball for the dog.

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