Who gets to see your secret rooms?

I may have shared with you this picture of the hallway in my house. When we toured the house for the first time, my husband and I burst out laughing at the length of the hall. We called it the bowling alley.

Both bedrooms and living spaces flow off this hall, thus there are many doors. If you come to visit, I will offer you a tour. But there are a few doors I won’t open. Depending on the day, you may not get to see the grandchildren’s bedroom. You will never get to see the walk-in linen closet. The new bathroom is okay, but the green bathroom, called the ducky bathroom due to the decals on the green tile, will most likely be skipped. You can see the kitchen but not the pantry. Never the small basement. A woman has her pride.

Our hearts have many rooms. Some rooms are shared freely with others, while others are for loved ones only.

Then there are the spaces for first-time acquaintances: those we want to impress and not expose the disorder or dirt that may occupy some of the rooms. Doors are wonderful barriers, allowing us to hide what we don’t want to be seen.

How accessible is God to your house? Does He have the freedom to roam at will, to open any door He wants and rearrange the furniture? Or do you have limits on Him?

Are there rooms in your heart you prefer He stays out of, like the room where you hide your anger, or the drawer full of broken promises? Is He welcome in the space where you keep your secrets?

God knows our hearts. He knows the floor plan of our houses, and the location of our secret drawers. There is nothing hidden from God, and yet we act as though our secrets are ours alone. This week walk through the rooms in your heart.

Open to God at least one space that you keep hidden. Great things will happen when you give all your rooms to God.


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