The value of light

I was thinking about the value of light the other day. When I was a kid, I always had to be home at night when the street lights came on. That was the universal neighborhood signal to tell us it was getting dark. By the time my kids came along, we lived in the country, and there were no street lights. It was a constant battle identifying when it was dark enough to come inside.

Here I am in the daylight. But, when I am outside in the evening, darkness can sneak up on me. My eyes adjust to the decreasing light without me being aware of the change. It isn’t until I go inside, and I squint against the bright light, that I realize how dark it is outside.

We are living in challenging times. To some extent we don’t see the increasing darkness that has settled over our society. The moral and legal changes have come so gradually that we have become immune. Biblical principles that we used to hold dear suddenly are held in question, like the role of sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, cursing, pornography, abuse and neglect, and ethical principles like respect, consideration, and honesty.

Slowly, one at a time, our society has allowed darkness to become the norm. Is it any wonder, as Christians, that there are folks that cannot look at us, cannot be in our company, or find us very unsettling? Like a bright light, we hurt their moral eyes.

We can’t hide behind a wall to protect the comfort level of non-believers. Instead of hiding our light, how about if we give them sunglasses? Give our friendship before we turn up the wattage of our faith. Sometimes our light forces others to close their eyes against the glare.

Is there someone who has trouble “seeing” you because of your faith? Can you provide the sunglasses of friendship? Sometimes it’s not what we say, but how we act.

Have a blessed and sunny week.


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