Be the peace of Christmas

We lit the second advent candle in church this past Sunday, the candle representing peace. Is it possible to find peace in today’s world of chaos, expectations and pressure to be more than we can be?

I make a to-do list every day that never gets done. I don’t meet the expectations of my kids, and this hangs as a heavy woolen blanket on my shoulders. My mother would be horrified if she saw the dust in my house. My Christmas tree isn’t up; our outside decorations are still boxed in the attic.

Where is peace in all of this?

I contemplated my lack of peace. Then I dreamed that night about one of my friends. The dream itself was strange, as are most of my dreams. But the dream caused me to remember the thing I love most about her: her calm demeanor. Nothing rattles her. She is content in all situations. I realize that she has what I am looking for: PEACE.

Her life is not perfect. She has more to do than she can accomplish. At times, her children cause her grief. Her birth-family has skeletons. She is not perfect herself. And yet she is at peace. She is a faithful woman of God. She spends time in prayer and Bible study. And through this, she finds contentment.

I believe God puts people in our lives for a reason, and there are many reasons she and I are friends, but one of them is her unflappable peace. Why are my friends are attracted to me? What value do I bring to my relationships?

Do I share strength, or do I bring my friends down with my constant neediness? I see peace on my friend’s face. What do others see on mine? During this holiday season, search for the peace you can only find through Christ.

The only Christ some may see is your face. Have a blessed and peaceful week.


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