Angel bedlam and all, it's nearly Christmas!

There are mere days left before Christmas! Yahoo!! Even though my shopping is not done, my tree still isn’t up, and my house not decorated, I am excited for the holiday. I love Christmas.

We all have memories of church pageants that have not gone as planned. My favorite happened a couple of years ago. We had a bumper-crop of baby girls that year, and as the school aged children acted out the nativity, our babies (almost a year old), were to sit for a minute on stage, just long enough to be admired. The babies had other thoughts. Dressed in white shirts and leggings, and each sporting wings and a halo, they began to crawl across the stage, one with a pacifier in her mouth. They went to the manger where they “adored” the baby. It was angel bedlam.

It makes me think about angels. Are they all female like our tree-toppers? Do they always wear white? How about the hair – is it flowing and blonde? Can they fly? Are the wings made of feathers? I don’t think so.

Angel names are male – Gabriel, Michael, and yes, Satan. Many times angels in the scripture take human form, appearing as one of us (not sure where they stowed their wings in the process). But the angels that appeared to the shepherds on the first Christmas night created fear. I think it was because of their beauty, their spectral light, and the fact that they were not on the ground but floating in the sky. I would have been scared too.

My uncle was not afraid when he saw angels. Hours before his death he told his wife to “shhh…be quiet, the angels are sleeping.” They came, folded their wings around themselves and went to sleep. He said they were more beautiful than we could imagine.

I don’t know the full scoop about angels, but I know someday I will find out. They greeted our Lord’s birth, and they will welcome me to Heaven when my time comes.

What do you think about angels? Whatever your beliefs, angels are real and some day we will have to deal with them. Will they be friend or foe for you? Do you have stories to share? I'd love to hear them!



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