What? No Christmas?

What would life be like if Christmas never happened? What if Jesus took a good look at us while He was still in Heaven and said, “they aren’t worth my life?” What if Mary said “no” to the angel and what if Joseph “secretly had her put away,” or worse, allowed her to be stoned to death? So many leaps of faith happened for us to have Christmas (and our salvation).

I gain a lot of inspiration from my pastor, and he recently provided a monthly devotional leading up to Christmas. On day fifteen he talks about how his daughter, when she was three years old, stood along the side of the pool while he waited in the three feet of water for her to jump into his arms. She was hesitant. Reluctant. Fearful even.

What if Daddy decided not to catch her, or what if he missed? Eventually she took the leap of faith and jumped. The next jump was easier, and the next even more easy. She had learned to trust her father.

In my pastor’s words from his devotional, “Mary and Joseph were not so different than us. Their lives were one “jump” after another. Gabriel…Nazareth…virgin birth… betrothal… dream…pregnancy…scrutiny. Then, as she is nearing the time to give birth, a mandate to travel to Bethlehem. A long trip on foot…more taxes…labor pains…no place to stay.”

Pastor Tim continues, “Aren’t you glad they decided to jump? I’m thankful they chose to trust. Mary and Joseph trusted until the end, and God proved Himself faithful.”

He concludes by saying, “God is standing there waiting to catch us in His arms. He knows how frightened we are. He knows what we are up against. He knows we will never trust Him in the big things until we trust Him in the little things. He knows we cannot jump in the big pool until we learn to trust in three feet of water.”

Pastor Tim’s words are good ones for this week. It is busy and stressful. This week is hectic and maybe even laced with a bit of anger. But God knows this and He is ready to catch us.

Go ahead and leap into God’s arms this week. Trust Him in all things. You can survive, and even triumph!

Have a blessed Christmas.


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