Take time to be still this week

Be still and know that I am God. This is one of my favorite verses. It gives me permission to give my body and mind time to rest.

Many of you are like me. If you aren’t busy doing something (or multi-tasking is even better!) then you are lazy. Not so, God says. Take time to be still and reflect on God. I can never do this in the house. All the “undone” things flash as I try to be still.

However, when I am outside, I can breathe God’s unfiltered air, listen to the sounds of nature (even in my backyard I hear birds and squirrels between the sound of motors). I watched this squirrel for ages as he rounded the fire pit and gnawed on a pine cone. I can contemplate the layers of color in one small violet growing in the grass; I can feel my own heart beating, just as God planned it.

I am still worn out from the holidays. The new year is fresh and brings with it the excitement of good things to come. But instead of happiness, it seems the new year has brought a plethora of health issues for many of my friends, family crisis, and unexpected financial strains.

My prayer list grows as I try to be faithful in lifting each of you up to our Lord for His intervention. Where is the joy?

We are promised that someday all our pain and sorrow will be over and we will enjoy unending peace in His presence. The need for that peace is a real ache right now as life seems heavy. But God promised, and I live for that future.

If you are struggling, you especially need to take the time to be still and know God is near with His warm arms wrapped around you, holding you up when you seem too weak to stand any longer.

If you are able, pray for your family and friends that are struggling. Pray for our country as we change leadership. Pray for your church and our communities as our leaders need God's guidance more than ever.

Write and tell me how you felt God's presence in your world this week.

Blessings and Happy New Year!


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