A? B? Which are you?

Have you ever taken one of those personality tests that uses letters to identify your personality? Or one that describes what animal you are most like? I have participated in many, and actually learned a few things in the process. I have a personality test for you today. Are you an "A" personality or a "B" personality? (Not the typical type A and B.)

Here we go.

Question One: We have a huge bank of scientific evidence that proves eating right and exercising can reduce our risk of heart disease and stroke.

A. You believe this but have not changed your lifestyle any.

B. You believe this and are going about changing your diet and activity.

Which are you, A or B?

Question Two: Most Americans believe in God.

A. You believe in God but don’t trust Him with your daily life.

B. You believe in God and live knowing that God is in control and has a plan.

Which are you, A or B?

A people tend to live by their own strength. They believe in their own ability to solve problems or to rise above them. When painful experiences happen, they try to find someone to blame. They hold on to the negative when resolution cannot be found. Why did I lose this job? Why did I miscarry this baby? Why did my parents neglect me? Why can’t I get ahead? Anger is harbored, and eats away at any joy that might be experienced.

B people live by the strength of God and not by their own abilities. They believe it when God says good will come from all. They believe it when God says He has a master plan for our lives that is wonderful. When painful experiences happen, B people try to find a way to re-package the experience, to find what God wants them to learn from it.

I wondered why God would allow me to have five miscarriages when I wanted a baby so badly. I wondered why I had such an insecure personality, why I have no musical talent, why I ended up with a disability. I have been able to use these disappointments and experiences many times to comfort grieving mothers, to evaluate spiritual gifts, to strengthen others who are struggling. God knew these people would be in my path and He prepared me to use the bad for good.

Whatever difficulty you are facing, God has a plan to use it for good, to make the horrific experience you are now going through a blessing. Don’t lose your faith in God, don’t harbor anger or sink into despair. God is there, moving the pieces into place even as I type this message.

Have a blessed week.


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