Hurry! Before it's too late!

I had two exciting things happen this past weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to a ruckus outside. The robins had arrived! Being from Ohio, I grew up with robins dotting the yards all summer long, and I love their full red chests and curious eyes.

But here in South Carolina, the summer is too hot for these feathered friends. Fortunately, my yard is on the flight-path from their winter homes to their summers up north. For a few days, the trees actually quiver with robins occupying the branches. Sunday I stood outside in my bathrobe and listened to the sound of hundreds of robins communicating with each other.

I imagined they were sharing stories of how they spent the winter, where they were headed, and how last year’s babies were doing on their own. A puddle in our yard became a bath. On Monday morning they were gone.

My second exciting happening was having my only sister, who lives in Pennsylvania, come for three days! I don’t see her nearly enough, and the time spent doing nothing went too fast. She was here, then she was gone.

Isn’t that the way life is? Our kids are young, and then they are gone. We pull ourselves out of bed to go to work, and then it is time to retire.

I promise to visit a friend, and before I know it months have gone by and I still haven’t kept that promise. We get caught up in making a living, or juggling our responsibilities, and become blinded to the joy that comes with each day.

Spring is here in Darlington, and just around the corner for you northern friends. This week, make it a point to look for something that makes you smile. Do it every day. Do it as many hours in the day as you can. Feel the new excitement! Hurry!

May God’s blessings be with you this week.


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