Coordinating the hands and feet

My husband Paul and I, along with two other couples, performed our famous “little people” routine for the church’s Valentines Banquet. My only explanation for the enjoyment the audience gets from this is that seeing us make absolute fools of ourselves is fun.

In the routine, the guys’ arms are the legs and their hands the feet. And the girl’s arms become the guys’ arms. We girls stand behind a black curtain. That means we can’t see the audience, but it also means we can’t see the guys.

In my case, this leads to bedlam. I can never remember the motions, so I am always off, I occasionally lose track of where my arms are and bonk my husband in the head. At the end we were supposed to hold up a lit grill lighter. Of course I can’t find mine. Oh, if I only had a brain! There is a real disconnect between the arms and the legs if one brain doesn’t operate both.

Arms may sway while the legs are running. The legs may jump and the arms are resting. I think this happens to us one-brained people at times.

God gave us a routine to follow, but I still mess up. I know I should keep my lips closed, but they pop open as if on their own and out comes words I would rather have kept in. I know to do good and don’t do it. My mind (and heart) are not always connected to the rest of me. Watch the video if you must, but let it remind you that there is one body and one head. When we try to give one body two heads, it just doesn’t work! The church has one head, and that is Christ Jesus. We cannot make up our own rules. It just won’t work!! For a peak, you can find Tiny Dancers by clicking here.

May you have a coordinated week! Blessings, Regina

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