The spring give-away sale

What would happen if we gave our excess away? Most of us have more than we need; you know, stuff that is too good to get rid of, but no longer used.

I was recently told about a church that held a basement sale. Church members brought in the usual garage sale staples, such as clothing and small items. Some also shared refrigerators, stoves, and furniture. The sale was open to the community.

Everything was free. No cost. No strings attached. A couple greedy folks took advantage, but for the most part, folks came and walked away with something they really needed.

I have a closet full of “stuff” waiting for a garage sale. It’s a lot of work sorting, pricing and then collecting money on the day of the sale. My net profit is a hundred dollars if I have a good sale. Usually I don’t. So what would happen if I put the items out, unpriced, and invited the community to “shop as needed?”

God has blessed me beyond measure. I doubt I would miss $100. My excess may be a blessing to someone else. I am going to try it this spring when the weather breaks. Anyone want to join me?

I expect Jesus will be there wandering among the people, smiling as a young bride picks up my spare dishes, or an expectant mother gravitates toward the baby things I no longer need.

Joy comes in many forms. Have a blessed week, and let me know if you're ever given away something, no strings attached, and been blessed by it.


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