About those 35,000 decisions ...

Do you ever wonder how we become the person we are? I remember being a very different person in high school than I am now as a mature adult. How did I become who I am?

C. S. Lewis has the answer. He said (paraphrase) every time you make a choice you become slightly different than you were before. According to researchers at Cornell University, the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day.

Most are simple and are made without much thought. But we make over 2,000 conscious, meaningful decisions daily. Really, 2,000 decisions each day? And I thought I lived a hum-drum life! Those 2,000 decisions shape our character.

Without intent, we mold our personality by these small incremental 2,000 decisions we make each day. Decisions like how long we sleep, what strangers we say hello to and who we ignore, what we eat, how we dress, our mood, attitude and focus all shape who we become. The bottom line seems to be that the most mundane decisions still impacts the final outcome, the me of the future.

I need to be more conscious of those rapid-fire seemingly unimportant decisions I make each day. I had no idea they were molding my future. I pray and ask God to give me a gentle spirit, a soft hand, and a quick mind.

What does the future-you look like? Are you becoming the person God intended for you to be, or are you allowing small incremental choices lead you off the path?

Here's to making wise choices and the best decisions!


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