Plan your work; Work your plan

Goals are wonderful things, kind of like a wish list with motivation. My elderly uncle had a wish to pass on his memories of WWII to the next generation, and I now have his diaries.

I had a wish to become a novelist, and after a sputtering start, I just sold my third book, Light of Logan, to Pelican Books. My oldest son had a dream to become a Federal Agent. After being rejected several times for lack of military service, he enlisted in the Army, served two tours in Afghanistan, a third deployment in Washington, D. C., and just completed the rigorous training for, and earned the title of, Warrant Officer Smeltzer. He is now serving as a Federal Agent.

I have always had goals. Sometimes I was criticized for not being content with the present. I suppose to some extent that was true. But I can see in my life, and that of my uncle and son, that without goals we would have missed out on what seems to be God’s calling for our lives.

It took determination for a teenage boy to record his memories daily for six years. I am now in the process of turning those memories into a book. It took centering of mind to not allow failure to keep me from writing. My hope is that my books will cause someone to think about their spiritual life in a new way and draw closer to God.

I can’t begin to imagine what my son has gone through to be allowed to serve our country. His girls pinned his new rank onto his shoulders. Stubborn refusal to be told no has created a soldier willing and able to defend my freedom. Not bad.

What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish while still on this earth? Have you prayed about it? Is it an ache that won’t go away? Then perhaps it is God’s will that you don’t become content with today, but plan for tomorrow.

Goals don’t happen without action. And disappointment. And discouragement. And frustration. But at the end, being in God’s will is all that matters.

Have a blessed and goal-filled week.


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